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How can we deal with insufficient responses of an online questionaire?

For a research project we have to set up an online questionnaire, the professor says we need at least 300 people to fill in the questionnaire. All five of us posted the questionnaire on social media canals and the university website. We have 150 people that filled in the questionnaire thus far. We have a week until we need to do the data analysis. We could start asking our friends and family to fill in the questionnaire, but that will also skew the data. What is the best strategy here?

This is difficult question and cannot be answered without more details about the actual research study. For example, how did you come with the sample size of 300? What was the target population? Can you send the reminders to potential participants? It seems difficult to increase response rate in internet surveys, as shown in this article.

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Do you have specifications on the target group? Students? In that case you might be able to use certain classes to promote the study (maybe even give them so time to do it real life). Or you could ask certain trainers to mention it in their courses? Response rates are a real issue for many researchers, people are tired of filling them out I guess. Add a gadget reward? (works a little when we look for interviewees)